GVA Redilco real estate advisor for AFV Beltrame. Sold the industrial area of 34,000 sq.m. in Marghera Port (Venice)
June 11, 2015
GVA Redilco, as exclusive advisor for AFV Beltrame Group on the sale of the industrial area (approx. 200,000 sq.m. of gross land area), announce the sale to Contrepair - company leader in handling and repairing empty containers – or approx. 34,000 sq.m related to the first portion of the industrial area.

The company based in La Spezia, which is already located in the ports and inner harbours of La Spezia, Genoa, Gioia Tauro, Cagliari, Livorno, Trieste and Venice, will strengthen its position in Venice’s lagoon.

The sale of this portion and of the rest of the area, with 350 meters of cargo dock, overlooking on one of the main ship canal, is part of a wider plan activated last year from AFV Beltrame Group, operator in the steel industry for over a century. The plan provides the sale of further industrial areas nearby Vicenza and Udine.

With this deal, the GVA Redilco Industrial & Logistics Department strengthens its own competence and expertise in the management and sale of port areas, following the previous sale of the port area of over 270,000 sq.m. in Monfalcone (Gorizia)