GVA Redilco real estate advisor for AFV Beltrame. Sold the industrial area of over 83,000 sq.m. in Marghera Port (Venice)
June 29, 2018
GVA Redilco as advisor for AFV Beltrame Group, announce the sale of another portion of more than 83,000 sq.m. of the industrial area in Marghera Port to Ropax, a company part of the Pastrello Autotrasporti Group, main national and international transport operator in Venice.

The industrial area at the beginning was approx. 200,000 sq.m. of gross land area; with this latest transfer and the previous one of 34,000 sq.m., now there is only the last portion of 81,000 sq.m. with 350 meters of cargo dock, overlooking on one of the main ship canal.