GVA Redilco: new Snam headquarters in the Symbiosis business district
May 5, 2021
Another high-profile deal has been closed by GVA Redilco, which acted as advisor in the sale and purchase of an office building yet to be constructed, within the Covivio Symbiosis business district, an innovative and sustainable urban regeneration project with zero local emissions and energy produced mainly from renewable resources, in line with the criteria of the European Sharing Cities initiative.

The agreement provides for the construction of a new 19,000 sqm building, designed by the Piuarch architecture studio which, from the first quarter of 2024, will host Snam’s new headquarters, alongside its historic headquarters in San Donato Milanese. By selecting this location, the company has chosen to focus on personal well-being, through the choice of an innovative, green environment such as that of Symbiosis, which offers very high quality standards and a new dynamic and stimulating workplace model.

The deal closed with Snam confirms our commitment alongside Covivio in the consolidation of the Symbiosis district which has already attracted leading companies with a strong innovative connotation, such as Fastweb, Boehringer Ingelheim and some companies part of the Mars group, to choose this project for establishing their headquarters.

GVA Redilco & Sigest firmly believes in the importance of urban regeneration projects and the restoration of abandoned areas through the implementation of innovative and hybrid real estate developments, such as the one currently transforming the former Porta Romana railway area, in which our group has closed most of the key deals in recent years, contributing to the dynamism of this area. We are engaged in many new projects which are starting up in the Office and Residential sectors and which represent an extraordinary opportunity with a positive environmental, social and economic impact for the community and for the city itself.

After recording, in Q1 2021, the best market result for take-up in the Milan Office sector, GVA Redilco is once again a key player in a transaction that is expected to be one of the most important in the sector for this year. GVA Redilco's outlook remains decidedly positive for Offices and this deal confirms the renewed, growing demand for spaces, which aims to satisfy the new employment needs which have emerged during this period and which will feature new workplace models and tenants with a vision and a culture of change.